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high quality, line caught, wild salmon

All of Honeywilya Fish’s salmon are wild, sustainably caught by hook-and-line, individually landed, immediately cleaned, and gently handled by the Honeywilya crew. Without the use of nets, this small quantity catch method ensures an attention to detail and superior quality with each fish. We bring our bounty back to Vermont every year to share the finest salmon the Pacific has to offer with you! 


Our fish


We sell a selection of sustainably harvested King, Coho, and Ivory King Salmon. Immediately cleaned then flash-frozen, this fish will taste as good as the day it came out of the ocean. Delight your taste buds with its incredible freshness!


Alder Smoked Salmon is perfect for breakfast, entertaining company, and is especially good when you reach the peak and need a snack. Many non-believers have been converted by this tasty treat. 


Community supported fishery

Modeled after the ever popular Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), Community Supported Fishery (CSF) is a similar approach that seeks to directly link the fisherman (Lynn) to their customers (you!). The CSF model allows small fisherman to stay small, minimize their environmental impact, and to educate their customers. Support Honeywilya Fish by signing up for a personalized share of Certified Responsible Wild Alaska Salmon from this season’s catch! 


our team

Honeywilya Fish is a small trolling operation based out of Petersburg, Alaska, just south of Juneau. Lynn Steyaart, captain of the namesake 30-foot vessel, Honeywilya, looks forward to a sense of freedom and anticipation whenever he’s heading out into the open water to search for salmon along the 500-mile Southeast coastline.


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Click here for recipes, news, and other tidbits of information related to your wild caught fish! 


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