Our CSF mentioned in Bon Appétit Magazine


What a treat and an honor to be recognized in this way!  Seafood is one of the most fraudulent industries in the country (world?) and we feel it is so important to make informed decisions when you are purchasing it. That is also why we keep our supply model so simple: I catch fish on my boat and we deliver those same fish to you in Vermont!

"Overall, it's important to look for transparency. 'You want short supply chains with careful, robust people,' says Bowman. 'Look for specific information, not necessarily canned information, about what you’re getting each week. What is this fish, where is it from, how was it caught, who processed it? Almost without fail, the people who are knowledgeable about their products can talk your leg off.'"

"Likely the best way to get domestic, wild-caught seafood delivered to your door is through a community-supported fishery (CSF), which is basically a traditional CSA farm share but for fish. The format varies, but most involve purchasing shares of the CSF at the beginning of the season, which helps pay the upfront costs of harvesting and processing seafood. This allows family fisherman to stay small and minimize their environmental impact while making a living wage."

"Up in Vermont, Honeywilya Fish runs a CSF fish share delivering hook-and-line caught wild Alaskan salmon like Coho and Ivory King to six counties."

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Lynn Steyaart